2023 Fishing Industry Gala Awards


Do you know any individual or organisation that has played a major role in the Fishing sector this year?

See below to view the categories for nominations

Industry Leadership Award

For individuals/organisations that have shown leadership - stepping into unchartered territory, having a positive impact, unifying parties. Qualities include: enthusiasm, problem solving, communication. Really that role-model in industry kind of player.

SMME Development Award

Recognises fishing industry companies that have active programmes to enhance the participation of small busineses, marginalised groups, women and youth owned businesses in the sector supply chain. They have programmes and policies in place that stimulate the development and growth of these businesses, provides market access and/or operational support.

Sustainability & Advocacy Award

Award to organisations whose efforts prove sustainability is a key business objective. Clear commitment to long-term change and has clear policies and initiatives that limit environmental impact and support environmentally responsible business practices. Also supporters of research and other developmental agendas in this space. They are instrumental in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. Actively engages government and interest groups towards discussion promoting policies that benefit the industry as a whole.

This award is only open for Recognised Industry Bodies (RIBs) to be nominated.

Employee Wellness and Development Award

Companies that promote the advancement of skills, training and development. They offer a stable employee environment and are people centric with a strong culture and wellness programme.

Women in Fishing

Award to recognise women who are key role-players in the industry.

Technology & Innovation Award

An award for an innovative product/application or system that has made a significant contribution to the industry.

DFFE Excellence Award

Nominated by industry. DFFE departments that has really stood out for a proactive, supportive approach through service excellence or science and research support.

Legends / Lifetime award

For individuals that have had a life-long involvement and commitment to the industry, minimum requirement is more than 50 years of service.

Science & Research Award

Organisations, NGOs and Research institutios that are involved with research activity.

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2023 Fishing Industry Gala Awards